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Love Leanne’s work, this is why she’s my Wellness Guide now, her VIP Program is so personal, sooooo good and so affordable.


I thought I had this mindset stuff sorted, and in many areas of my business and life, I do. But this area? Oh this area... I’m tired of the preoccupation I have. The endless “solutions” I’ve tried. I want peace and simplicity. I’m learning to let go, to trust my body, my appetite, my needs. To throw out the “go hard or go home” attitude I have with exercise, the punishment mindset.

Early days, but already loving the feeling.

I recommend getting in touch with Leanne Vandeligt NOW if you feel in any way similar...  Angela R.

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Welcome lovely, so happy your here.

Its time to find your energy, enjoy life, doing what feels good for you.


When we are tired of giving all our energy to others, looking after everyone else, we can feel; 


emotional, fatigued and flat

Always trying to lose weight

low vibes and low energy 

feeling unhealthy and unwell 

Nothing left to give, or was that just me, it's how I felt for years. 


AND then theres where you want to go, want more; 


Balance for each day for purpose and clarity 

Peace of mind more harmony, less struggles   

Eat to enjoy, more energy, living well

Trust your instinct and more confidence

In 30 years of coaching women, I've met alot of awesome women, but they didn't feel it, in face they did not think they were

good enough.


  •  I help you make your health a priority 

  •  no more guilt for looking after your self.  

  • No more poor choices, that don't serve you


     One rule -  if it doesn't help or feel good, it can't be right for you


Why my coaching works?

1. It's never about your weight, it's about your big picture

2. Includes VIP 1:1 for accountability, kind, honest, real help

3. Mindset shifts for lasting lifestyle changes 


Stop dieting, stop hating your body.   

Real solutions for taking you from tired, stuck to solving your top health struggles, and live happy and comfortable, live fully.  

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