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Hi Lovely, it's back my 21 Days for $21 Challenge


Most women that I meet wanting help, tell me they don't know where to start, so I created this practical challenge, to make it simple, and start your healthy journey.  


This challenge helps you find balance, make better choices, and give ourselves better care, so we can look after others without running on empty.  


My 21 day Challenge will help you make new habits.  For a lean strong body, no matter where your fitness is at, at, in your own home, online, sent direct to your inbox.


· Daily email for motivation

· Daily recipes

Daily Health tips

· Daily exercise ideas


· Daily facebook, closed group for support, ask questions, and access to me your trainer, for guidance and accountability.


And it's sustainable, repeatable, sensible for mindset and lifestyle changes.  Not a diet plan, just ideas, not about crunches or abs, but I do show you how to fit exercise in your day. 


And remember, this is about taking action, each positive step leads to the next, to beat old patterns of sabotage and old beliefs.

No such thing as waiting to feel like, motivation to arrive or perfect timing, and falling off a wagon doesn't exist, that wagon is life, just keep going.

Look forward to helping you feel awesome and working together.


Leanne Vandeligt  - Holistic Health Coach, Certified Diploma of Weightloss Management and Personal Trainer (Diploma of Fitness Therapy)

Can't wait to chat, Enjoy x.  

Lets chat if you want more info


Or if your all ready, you can just start here, 1st Day starts when you do.  $21  paypal/bsb) ​