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Leanne Vandeligt


You can't pour from an empty cup

 I'm here to help women like me, to feel happy with themselves, be proud of how far they've come.  And to finally stop dieting, stop hating on themselves, to make peace with not being perfect, being themselves and enjoy food and what their body can do. 

" It's a journey right, when I started in the fitness industry 30 years    ago, I was only worried about abs.  Fit does not equate to wellbeing. 


More energy, growth, vitality, living happy, grateful and wellness are my goals for me and my clients.


So I have been where you have been, and where you are now too.


Being an older mum, was not the easiest, But Now 54, it's really a great time, I'm in a good place, earned my stripes, my boys are teens now and I have more to focus on what I really want.   

This was 10 years ago running group classes for mums, I can tell you it's was fun, but I just wish I knew what I know now.


With using selfcare and mindset, when my children were young, would have helped me alot". 



I will keep sharing and growing in my passion, gifted to help other overwhelmed women, just like me.   


Women who need to elevate themselves, inside and out, to live a healthy, fitter and energised life .    


We create actions to reset weight, reduce overwhelm for more energy, better mindset, selfcare for a body you love”.

More on me;

Not your everyday personal trainer, 30 years of experience helping women to feel better, like how the feel and look. 


I've teaching fitness and changing womens energy and life, whilst juggling family with her 2 boys, studying and running her own personal training, studio, teaching other mum's like her to feel fit, confident and happy, physically and mentally.   


Leanne has studied;

Wellness Coaching Level 1

Addiction Coaching Certification 

Fitness Cert 3 & 4 (personal trainer)

Diploma of Fitness Therapy

Diploma of Weightloss Management

Pilates Certificate


She is able to bring total holistic health changes, to lose the weight and improve daily energy, to love your body more for an uplifted life.

Always so grateful to do this job. My home fitness business was acknowledged and awarded for the Best Small Home Business, to Leanne for her service in her local community.  

Bus Awards - 0196c.jpg

Me now - Still sharing, coaching, teaching health and fitness to women who want to love themselves more. 


Pic of my rural home studio & workshop ladies  

Now 54, I'm still teaching women how to feel healthy, lose the weight and be fitter, knowing it it takes a holistic approach to health.  All about mindset, selfcare and habits. I wish I knew these things years ago.   

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