Do More For You,  (feel the way you want).
So we get to the heart of it;
  • Uplift everything to get more energy
  • We fit exercise in
  • Focus on healthy habits not weight loss
  • Eat better without emotional eating
  • Uplift your mindset with tools you can use daily 
Duration 2.3hrs
Little River Studio  (venue can change)
We show you how to get past overwhelm, real solutions to lose the weight, feel fit and get more energy to feel happy and like the way you look and feel.   

We are helping busy women uplift for better health, better body, better mindset, better everything.  Making health easy and your health important again.   Now, "Time for You", it's ok to take better care of you.  

Feel supported by mind like women with similar health goals. 

  “We are few, we know each other”

Themes for our day together -

  • Relaxed private setting to feel connected and time for you.

  • Identify where you are now and creating a action plan to get you what you want

  • Identify reasons why we are not thriving

  • Gentle exercise in the country air

  • Discover key health habits you need to maintain healthy weight


Nature will inspire more calm and clarity. It needs to be easy.


So if you’ve tried everything, and still searching for the missing peices of the puzzle, try

support and coaching to get results long term with habits that stick. 




Your investment in you  $47 

​Additional Bonus Offers -


  • You receive FREE 30min Follow up Coaching call, for ongoing support with your progress.  

  • Free monthly unlimited classes membership 

  • 50% off my 6 week coaching program to take you next level, if you book 24 hours after or on day of retreat. 


T & C's

  • Final bookings and Payments are to be finalised 48 hours prior to workshop, 

  • 24 hour cancellation fee 50%

  • Please notify if any special diet requirements or allergies or preferences.


Payment bsb  633108  acc 146626601  or paypal via link above

Email me if any queries,