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Positively, Next Level, for Feeling Healthy, Fabulous, Simple, Easy For 
More Energy, Happy Women in their
40's & 50 plus
Welcome lovely lady, it's time to be you, you were always enough.
Are you ready for change, for next level you, I am. 
(VIP mean's I'll be there with you all the way) 

You know your worth it, you deserve it, you have looked after everyone else, so it's time to put on your crown.

My VIP coaching is 8 weeks together for new normals, eating normal food again, with solid habits and foundations for health and wellness.


You will feel fully supported, our not alone, I help you start your journey, map out the path, plus I have a support system after the 8 weeks is past. 


This is all your good vibes and goodness for the next 8 weeks. 

P.S  your weight is not the real issue here, its just the symptom.

*The Well Woman Map 60 minute strategy session (value $97)

All about you so you, we map out, by assessing where you are going great and where you need with recommendations, recorded call to follow and create instant change.

* Initial Workout and program creation,

VIP workout live session (value $97)

* VIP Personal Coaching, calls, full access, anytime messaging

when you need it  (value $800)

Inspiring and motivating you with unlimited support, weekly session, anytime messaging, reviews, recorded video calls, actions for aligning, tweaking, swapping and mindset hacking from day 1.

All to solve your specific struggles, ditch old patterns and unstuck for a clear path, good vibes only. 

* Life time access to Well Womens Hub  

Full access for motivation to online portal anytime  (value $240)

30 hours of workout library on demand (vale $900)

Delicious healthy recipes in a downloadable ebooks,

with meal plans and shopping list (value $29)

* 6 week Online Well Women's Transformation program  $497

              6 steps for positive actions which I will guide you through each week, in video lessons and workout sheets, flexible to learn anytime.  

* 8 weeks The Well Women's Tribe Community   ($100)

8 weeks full private member access to feel connected for accountability

weekly live workouts, live coaching, weekly Q & A for questions. 

We support and help each other, surrounding you with mindlike women with similar struggles and growth, you are not alone on this path.   



1. Monthly review call to assess progress (value $97)

  My review is not about judging, it's for being aware and monitoring nutrition and progress for continual improvement and motivaton.

2. Nutritional supplements delivered to your door    (value $179)

Cleanse Kit - designed by our Naturopath for womens health and hormones

* Elevate Greens and Reds Powder - Cleanse and detox, antioxidents, greens nutrients, to enhance gut health, weightloss, improve fibre and reduce inflammation. Giving skin a healthy glow.

* Good oils - Omgea-3 oil capsules for boosting good fats, brain and heart health 

* Cleanse tea - herbal blend of natural herbs for calming the system, balancing stress hormones.


Total Value  $2000  -   Your 8 week Investment $997 

And afterwards you can have a level of support that suits you in a monthly fee, continuing all the Tribe support, PLUS the VIP communication and monthly reveiw call that your used to. 

 You'll learn how to?

* to love food again, trust your instincts not a diet


* Feel calm, feel peace of mind and mindfullness    

* more energy, from the inside and out   

* lower stress, reducing fatigue in our body

* Feel positive, next level self-talk to support,

   self-love and selfcare 

* 6 steps for daily health routines that suit our lifestyles 

*  Harmony for balance, release struggles to release the weight 

* More kindness, connection, support, understanding, listen to our own instincts  


TIP #Weight gain is a symptom of a bigger picture, not the cause.  And Mindset is everything.

Cost $997 or  5 x $200 paypal or bsb

The difference is support and mindset, and the ongoing maintenance in the Well Womens Hub, to keep up the good work, even after the 8 weeks is done, so much more for you if you want it

Surround your self with people that lift you higher - Oprah 

So if this sounds like it would help and what your looking for, lets chat first.

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