Get Started 

14 Days 

14 Days to Feel Fitter and Lighter 

Our Get Started is 14 day’s of coaching support, to empower you to create healthy choices, for more energy, and losing weight. 

I will show you how to make healthy easy, fully supported to move more, eat better, sleep better, feel energised and strong, with a happy mindset and less struggles.  

Better everything, feeling better, thinking better, eating better, moving better.  A clear plan to get your started, back to basics.


1. Lose 3-5kg  

2. Reduce Overwhelm 

3. Eat Simple meals and snacks 

4. Exercise at home

5. Tweaking and Changing habits 

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We start here;

  • Initial 1:1 Health Strategy Call to identify struggles and create action plan

  • 14 Days of coaching support, checkins, calls, messages for accountability 

  • ebook – 10 steps that matters most, making a difference fast  

  • Video/live Coaching in the facebook group for motivation

  • 2 x weekly home workouts to fit your day (live/video)

  • 1 x weekly recipes packs (no calorie counting, no depriving)

  • PT Online membership home - all the tools and resources you need 

We make healthy fit you, doable and easy to get results.  

​Your investment to “Getting Started” with us is $97 (paypal or bsb)


Step 1.  I'll receive notification of purchase.

Step 2. I'll email you the link with your Starter Kit. 

Step 3. We will book your initial call, 1:1 strategy call with Action Plan.

​Can't wait to chat and talk about you.  Email below with your details to find out more.   


P.S You can learn more about me and what I’m about here; ​


Leanne Vandeligt xx

Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Habits