5 Days, 5 PT Free Workouts live with me at home- to move more in winter

Are you feeling Blah over winter? After speaking to a few women I realised we are all feeling a bit flat and in need extra mojo and motivation over winter, so we need to get moving, why wait untill spring to feel good. So I decided to help by creating easy home workouts to follow LIVE with me via facebook (recorded too in case you prefer to view later). Daily this week, each day a different PT session, 15 minutes is all you need, and a space in your lounge room. Of course there's many aspects to feeling healthy and exercise need not be a big deal, but it may assist with a positive happy mindset which in turn improves motivation and energy.

Remember, stress, overwhelm does not = motivation, but moving more will help lift energy and create good vibes. View todays live video post's by following here;, and other previous recorded the 5 days of workouts.

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