Your Self-Care Checklist

When stressed, overwhelmed and tired, your motivation and healthy mindset goes out the window. When you're not sure where to start but you know your health is needing some focus, we start with YOU first, body second. To help you get started on YOU, I've created a simple checklist for using Self-Care ideas to remind you, help create easy change, healthier mindset, healthier body and not to mention weightloss. In fact, fat cells love to hang on to stress hormones, especially around our tummy. So if you are wanting to reduce the overwhelm, the stress, feeling tired, then start with your self-care. It can improve your mindset, motivation, energy and happiness. Here’s 10 simple ideas you can practise to help start your new selfcare routines and healthy habits, because “Your Worth It”. 10 Things you can do to create a healthy you using Self-care;

  1. Cuppa a Tea, sitting for 10 minutes will let you recharge your thoughts

  2. Meditate perfect for clarity and working on your breathing and your mindset

  3. Go for a walk, totally underated what being outside can do for our health

  4. Stretch – stretching feels so good any excuse will do

  5. Listen to music to soothe the soul

  6. Read or learn something new, facebook is ok too (small doses of “me time”)

  7. Ring a friend or family, have a 10 min chat and a laugh

  8. Make yourself a yummy nurturing smoothie or juice

  9. Disconnect during the day and before bed from devices, give your mind space

  10. Go to bed earlier (even fit in an arvo nap if you have to), never ignore tiredness

So if you would love to begin working on your self-care to get more energy, feel healthier try some of the actions listed on this checklist.

Plenty of care here if you would like some help to focus on your self-care, weightloss and health struggles. You also get a free 30 minute Discovery Health call to see how self-care creates better health and weightloss and which plans may suit you best. Also ask about my weightloss coaching and my 4 week plans, simple health coaching and personal training. Perfect for busy women and us hot mamma's 40 plus something, something.

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