Tips to Weigh Less #101

Weigh Less tip # 1 Clean and Green

Your mum was right, you need to eat more greens or drink them. Eating more fresh and plant based foods, helps your body stay balanced and alkalized reducing illness, inflammation, acidic levels, producing a healthy body that is less likely to let disease thrive. You will also help quash the sugar cravings, energy slumps and cravings for crap. Here's a reminder of some healthy snacks, be prepared, keep your fridge fresh ready to eat.

Weigh Less tip #2 Stress Less, relax and Sleep More

Stress and overwhelm is the biggest killer of motivation, energy, happiness, quality sleep and overall all health and wellbeing. It’s especially damaging if trying to lose weight, by effecting our hormone balance and holding on to fat cells. If the body is under stress and fatigue for a long time it can make a person sick, lower immunity, and create havoc with your bodies and mental health and ability to cope. Sleep and relaxation is the best way to improve your stress levels.

Weigh Less Tip 3 # Water keeps fat away

Aim for 8-10 glasses a day, Why? Studies have shown that reduced water intake causes fat deposits to increase, increasing water intake reduce fat deposits, thereby reducing weight. Water is a natural appetite suppressant (drink before each meals if over eating is an issue) ... Increases body’s metabolic rate and metabolise stored fat. Removes toxins and waste Water is needed for effective Kidney and Liver function which creates energy from useable stored fat, so if not functioning properly uses less stored fat, reducing weight loss. Drinking water removes toxins, replaces plasma, moves oxygen and rids the body of unwanted waste, including the effects on sugar resistance, brain function and fatigue.

Weigh Less Tip 4 # Resistance strength training

More muscle % = less fat %. "Bigger the motor, the more fuel used". Muscle burns more calories (at rest too), build and maintain muscle tone and strength no matter your age or fitness. Don't discount using body weight, or any kind of resistance strength training whether you do bootcamp, gym or some kind of home workout. Resistance is the missing link for those trying to lose weight. Cardio is great but not the right load to increase muscle %, to lose fat, decreasing fat %. It also speeds up metabolism (rate your body burns calories and the type of calories), enhances weight loss, keeps you looking toned and strong.

Weigh Less Tip 5 # Good Fats

If you haven't been using coconut oil in your cooking, here's a couple of easy ways to use it. Add this rich in good fats, high in antioxidants, superfood of good oils and many health benefits, to your cooking. It's awesome for Stirfrys, perfect for fish, add it to your smoothies or in your deserts. There are many other ways to increase the good oils using seeds, avocado, nuts, fish,

olive oil.

Weigh Less Tip 6 # Weekly goals, Daily actions

No matter what you want, you need to be clear on your goal, keep it simple, short with direct actions daily to follow that will lead you to your result. Pick something you want to work on, then work out 2 actions your going to take to get you there. If you’re not sure, have a look at this video on simple goal setting.

Weigh Less Tip 7 # - Balance is key

Balance and self-care is key for your happiness and health, obsessing over problems will make your sick long term.

Find peace and balance in your life. Your less likely to sabotage yourself when you are content and happy with yourself, accept and nurture yourself. Do what makes you happy, balance is the secret. If your not sure and need help watch my video on weekly goals and action steps to make it happen quick video on simple goal planning

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