Tips to getting more sleep

ha ha, but I certainly can't function, cope and be happy without it. My younger boy when toddler never slept well day or night and the fatigue it causes long term and the effect on energy and moods is detrimental to feeling good and being a happy mum. So not sure if you felt this way, but I wish someone said, rest when ever you can, take lots of mini-breaks. I remember crawling upstairs one day, so fatigued. It's hard to keep giving, if not giving to yourself too.

Here are my tips for getting more sleep;

1. Disconnect from screens 45 minutes before sleep 2. Take mini-naps whenever you need 3. Don't eat too late (after 9) 4. Darken your room 5. Keep phone away from pillow and bedside 6. Go to bed 15-30min earlier 7. Go to bed and get up same time everyday 8. Eat good fats and carbs if snack after dinner

eg yoghurt with fruit

9. Keep the pets out of the bedroom

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