Are you being unkind to yourself?

Are you feeling guilty more often than proud and telling yourself negative stuff about you!!!

I've made a valuble observation lately after speaking with women who are doing just this, feeling guilty all the time about all sorts of stuff in their life. Listening and believing their negative thoughts.

So if your doing this to yourself, STOP IT. Don't do it, you don't deserve it.

Check your thoughts, see them, if not helpful or make you feel good, ignore, replace with ❤️ speak only your truth.

I read once "You are not your thoughts", (Eckhart Tolle) in his book the "Power of Now", so true.

We need to be able to tell the real from the not real, question our thoughts and ask for proof. So notice where you spend your thoughts and time, try to avoid wasting time and thoughts in negative spaces, negative actions and negative people that do not inspire a happy healthy you.

And sometimes we tell ourselves B.S, that's just not true. And even if it was at some point, "you are not your past" and no matter what situation your in or were in, it doesn't mean it has to stay that way. This B.S is so damaging to our self-confidence especially if you have been doing it for years, putting yourself down, calling your self names, keeping you stuck in the same patterns. Note: BS means (bull shit) just for the record.

I often quote this to clients "you wouldn't call your friend fat, would you??.

Another beautiful author Elizabeth Gilbert said "you should choose your thoughts, like your choose your clothes". Replace unhelpful with the truth or see them for what they are just a thought that you can choose to ignore if doesn't serve you well. It's not easy to learn but its never too late.

So where do these feelings and actions come from? I think from what I have found in helping women in gaining self esteem and confidence, it's because they were constantly judging themselves, their actions, being critical of what they "should" be doing", (another unhelpful behavior,) and had unrealistic expectations of how they were, where they are now. Maybe expecting too much of ourseIf and not honest, avoiding hurt, truth, and being realistic in relation to where you are at currently.

So to feel better about our selves, that we are worth, are enough, do enough and do our best we must STOP judging ourselves, food or choices and reduce the guilty feelings, and old beliefs we hang on to that keep us stuck. Don't judge as good or bad, fat or slim. I know that people that do not have a food or weightloss concerns do not judge food as good or bad, do not have a negative thoughts regarding food or eating and thats not a co-incidence.

Drop the heavy expectations, don't judge you and become aware of your thoughts coming in and out, and choose the helpful positive thoughts that serve your heart and head well.

For more helpful weightloss and mindset inspiration, check out my free facebook pages and free group "getting started", because sometimes we need help from others to point out the obvious and move forward with new thinking, new actions.

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