Are You Enjoying Your Health and Body?

Your enjoyment is a worthy goal, right??.

When was the last time, you thought about your level of enjoyment in what you do. Busy lives mean we just keep going the same way, doing the same things even if we are not feeling our best. And I doubt we stop to think about this enough.

Your enjoyment is a worthy goal, right??.

So, are you on your to do list!! Women rarely invest either time or money in ourselves, we need to do what improves our vitality, happiness and do the things that make us shine.

I love helping women learn, thrive and do and enjoy what ever they want. What we needed in our 20's/30's to 40's to 50's plus is very different, always changing, not easy, but can be simple.

Here are 3 simple ways to start getting your motivation back on track.

Move daily - aim for at least 3 x 10 minute blocks of stretching, walking, get some sunshine, walk at lunchtime, just do something

Sleep better - try going to bed 15 -30 minute earlier, sleep effects everything we do and sometimes feel

Reduce overwhelm- 10 min mini breaks, have a cuppa, shut your eyes, sit quietly and breathe

Why? - Overwhelm is the biggest culprit effecting motivation, sleep, energy, mojo, clarity. So selfcare is the first action to focus on to help you move forward and reduce stress, before you tackle weightloss and other concerns.

And I'm here to tell you, focusing on your health and energy is a big deal and it doesn't get easier the longer you avoid it. Focus on you first, so can enjoy everything else.

And its not just about exercise, or eating properly. You can bet your bottom dollar that if you are not doing the basics to look after yourself, then there's bigger issues at play. Often we struggle without being aware or identifying what is causing the struggle.

Actions bring confidence. So if you need support and a plan, there's plenty of care and support here.

Claim your free 30 minute Health Discovery session/call with me, to start a plan of action you can start immediately.

Share your struggles and I'll show you actions, do different, do Do something for you.

Join our wonderful free facebook group page for women who are ready for creating positive change, for receiving help, support with weightloss, new thoughts and new ways. Using selfcare for results.

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