Be your goal in November

Be your goal in November

November is here, and I want to help you be your goal

Wow, November is here, and I am hoping your year has been a great one and finishing the year the same way. If you follow me regularly you may have seen I am starting Novembers group of "getting started", program to help women to be their best version, feeling healthy, more energy, focus and a positive mindset for weightloss and healthy happy life.

By making you your "goal", you are choosing you, making a choice, being brave and creating a priority and focus around your health and wellness. I like to see as "investing in time" (for yourself), as the currency all mums want is time and energy and self-care. So I'd like to share this information in case you missed it. My program and coaching includes all you need to be informed, positive support and guidance to create healthy weightloss, create new thoughts, new ways and new habits along with all that you are looking for to improve your health, fitness and mindset. You receive;

  • a free Health consultation and needs/wants assessment before we start

  • weekly health coaching (phone/skype)

  • welcome pack with plans, coaching handouts,

  • no fuss yummy meal plans

  • access to exercise workout videos

  • facebook group for coaching and workouts, inspiration and healthy weightloss tips

I have created this program to suit busy women, making it simple, easy and to create the best long term changes whilst keeping you on track and supported during and after the 4 weeks. There is a follow up 4 week program to maintain the coaching support if needed after the initial 4 weeks at a reduced cost.. So if you'd like to know more about my "Getting Started" program message me for your free health discovery call to get actions you can do to start right now.

Free Support P.S if your not ready to create new ways, new thoughts around health and mindset, please join my "getting started", free facebook group where I share loads of cool helpful coaching tips and healthy weightloss inspiration and information., as well as following my standard biz page nurtureweightlosswellness

My facebook and youtube channel also has loads of workout video's for home workouts if you want to start moving more. Click on the youtube link below for my channel, or I can email a suitable workout plan for you. . Call Leanne 0412482358 for more information about how I can help you be your goal. Love to help you and have a chat about what you want and need. Get more of everything, don't wait for the "I've had enough" day to come.

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