Don't Under Estimate Power of One Change

Changing Womens Health

Don't under estimate the effects of one change

There is power in one positive change. You can't under estimate the effects of making one positive change.

I believe the one positive change you start, creates another change, then followed by another. A ripple effect of positive action, helping you to move closer to where your headed, (where ever that is for you).

It's important to note that your goals and reasons for making change for your health will be different to mine or others. You need to work out what you need to do and what the changes mean for you. Assuming improving health is a goal for you it could be for many reasons.

Do any of these reasons resinate with you? All great reasons to create a change.

  • avoid medication

  • reducing muscle and joint pain

  • avoiding diabetes or managing diabetes

  • Losing weight to assist with cholesterol

  • reduce effects of depression and anxiety

  • new positive thoughts and change negative thinking

  • want to lose cm's off your waist

  • boost energy and reduce tiredness

  • enjoy life and give more or you to those you love

Whatever your reason it isn't as hard as you think to start moving toward a healthier direction. I also like to think of it as "Tweaking", one little change at a time.

Which direction are you moving toward, healthy or unhealthy? You definately do not want to move down the scale towards unhealthy or illness. And despite what people think they have little control over their future health, it can be a choice of direction you make.

"at some point you are given a choice, don't miss the signs".

So create that one change first, and you'll be suprised how quickly you then open your heart and mind to be free to create another and then another.

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