This year you won't need a New Years Resolution

Here's my gift to you, so you don't have to go through Christmas exhausted and you can shine into your January 2017.

Your 6 weeks Healthy Weightloss coaching and continue into January so you can start your 2017 stronger, energetic and even more gorgeous. (normally 4 weeks program)

But of course "nothing changes if nothing changes", so here's my plan to help you feel stronger and shine now and 2017, but not just for summer. And, I get that it's a crazy time and too busy to think about your health plans for 2017, so I've thought about it for you.

You will love, enjoy and achieve much more if your feeling vibrant, positive and shining through out your Christmas, not low energy, feeling crap and tired. No way sista, not this year., .

You start my *4 week program and and get a bonus 2 weeks coaching to see you into January. (you won't need a NY resolution).

BUT You do need;

  • to be ready to create simple positive changes

  • to improve your health and mindset

  • to be drop a few cm's (only if this is a goal for you of course)

  • to be coached and supported

  • receive your phone for weekly coaching calls (phone/skype)

  • use Internet or facebook to receive my coaching video, motivation and inspiration from me.

And most of all YOU need to want results and an outcome you desire.

Your (*6) weeks "Healthy Weightloss " coaching program cost is $250 (includes bonus 2 weeks) worth $380

And your worth it. It will help you start the new year with goals, a plan and support, help get you stay healthier through christmas and start January on the right track.

We Start here;

1. we do a health discover call together to discuss your health, struggles and your desired results

2. we create simple daily routines, steps and positive clear actions to help work on those struggles

3. we speak weekly in your coaching calls (6) (texting and facebook anytime of course)

4. We use fb group, follow simple steps, live videos, workouts, meal plan to get you on the right track

5. Join a closed group to communicate, receive live videos, workouts, meal ideas to keep you motivated AND to all my lovely previous PT clients (seaside fitness) this is special, as you now have access and support from me again. I can provide much more support and bring whole women results more than I could in a weekly PT session..

By helping you change you health, you can feel and look the way they want, use a positive mindsets and self-care to create new thoughts, new ways to tackle self-talk, confidence and self belief to master motivaton, mindset and mojo, moving forward no longer stuck or confused.

We need to create healthy habits, better choices, new thoughts, as what we needed in our 20's, 30's is very different to what we need in our 40's and 50'splus. (me included).

Message me if you would like to book a Free Health Discovery call with me to discuss how my program it will help you get results and create a healthier, stronger version of you today, 2017 and in the future. There's always time to start fresh and still time to drop a few cm's to slip into that little black dress for New Year.

P.S If not ready yet, join in my free facebook "Getting Started" group page for loads of support, weightloss and movement coaching to get you thinking about yourself again. I would love to help you shine, thrive not survive through Christmas and new year. We are getting stronger everyday, in everyway.

Leanne Vandeligt

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