My top 7 ways to start 2017 renewed, calm and clear, ready to love your body more

My top 7 ways to start 2017 with renewed energy, calm, clear and ready to love your body more I was thinking about what we need to start 2017, ready to shine and feel vibrant. So I wanted to share a couple of stand out actions that will give you renewed energy for the year ahead.

With so much pressure to get fit for summer, follow new year resolutions, start new diets, look good in our bikini, its no wonder we stall and go into a hold pattern for January, leaving us confused and in need of another holiday to get over the holiday season. So to help you focus and get clear on what you want in 2017, I've created my 7 top way's to have you motivated, clear and loving your body inside and out. 1. Create an " Intention word" for 2017 Here's a powerful exercise to help you focus on you in the year ahead. Start by picking an "intention word", that embodies what you are about this year, and the energy you want to focus on for 2017. My word is Thrive, this is what came to mind, and it's where I want to spend my focus on. 2. Top 3 wants Right down your top 3 things you want for yourself, your health and happiness this year. (You can right down more if you like). This brings your focus to your needs and wants into the bigger picture and helps us focus on the outcome for the year ahead. 3. Top 3 struggles Right down your top 3 struggles that you would like to work on removing or improving this year especially if you feel stuck, unhappy, confused or feel they are holding you back from feeling awesome and being your best women. 4. Start decluttering Ask yourself what can you take away, less is more. This means stripping away all that clouds your heart, your mind, your energy and your space. It might mean your wardrobe of clothes that don't fit any more, trim your facebook groups you don't love or follow, delete email subscriptions you don't need, friends that are not really positive for you. Clear the guilt thoughts, negative habits, any crap food in the cupboard, paperwork piles, anything that is cluttering and not allowing your self to feel free. You choose. 5. Reconnect Reconnect with the things and people you love, pretty things, nature, good friends, family, good books, good music anything good for your soul that makes you feel happy. 6. Disconnect To create space we need to disconnect everyday from our busy lives, stress, work, social media, computers, to give us clarity and space to think. Multi-tasking, our phones, any distractions that leave us feeling drained and unrested. 7. Just Be still This is the Number #1, thing to practice for a calm, happy, clear life. Being still creates a meditation type reaction in our mind and body, it's good for your health, its good for your mental health, and is easy to do. It will give you more rest, will help you restore energy, replenish, recover. It will give you the clarity and space to think clearly, simply breathe, feel calm. In this space you will find new thoughts, new direction, idea's, creativity and connection to your thoughts with time to sort them, dump them, or ignore them for a positively calmer happier you.. What's next? Try 1 or more actions that speak to you most, to begin this week to start renewing your energy, improving your heart and soul health and you will feel the difference.

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