The way forward is different for everyone

The more I coach women the more I realise that every women is at a different stage in their journey of health.

The way forward is different for everyone We all start in different places We can end up in places we haven't been before Trust when your stuck, your not lost or alone

Sometimes we need someone else to shine the light so we can see our way.

So what does your "Healthy YOU", need right now?

We all need something different, sometimes more than others some need motivation some want accountability some need support Some a plan, their next step some need to take it slow some need help with eating some need exercise that works Some want new healthy action

But all = healthy awesome women.

What is for sure is we all start in different places, with different needs, some of us need more help than others.

What I also know for sure is simple works best every time for busy women.

Your body will tell you what works, what it needs, what doesn't work. Listen good, don't waste time doing fancy or complicated stuff.

Do awareness is key, so do what's ok for you, whatever works for you, DO THAT.

Follow and trust as you know you, the most. One way or path that may suit others, may not you. There is no one right way to create your goal or achieve change.

What works for one women might not work for another. This is why some advice doesn't stick, and yet you can totally relate and totally get it!!, from another. Or nothing works, wrong path.

My advice is don't over think, don't over complicate, it will waste your time and effort, you may get results but take longer.

Focus on what works don't get distracted by all the shiny stuff out there, lots to spend on and even if free might not help.

Listen to your body will tell you what works, what it needs, what doesn't work.

It will feel good too, and show up the right way. But you don't need to do it alone either, you are the same as us, we have all been and are at different stages and totally get it. So honest truth and acceptance of where you at is needed here. Then you can create new steps, lift your vibe and move into the next version of you.

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