Do you like my idea?

Do you like my idea?

I'm always thinking of ways I can add value and help you get results, so here' s a plan which I love and will give you all you need to be a "healthy you".

All my best info, all you need to learn to feel healthy in a simple plan with support for results. This is what I teach my clients. AND it's not about weightloss, it's about they way we think and feel about ourselves. It's feeling good on the inside and outside, to thrive and get you what you really want, give more to you and to those who love you.

My online plan plus my coaching that works, results, action, to get women what they want - my "healthy you " 30 day plan for a health women.

30 Days with me;

  • Health coaching call - (30 day action plan)

  • Weekly checkin calls/messages ...

  • Simple meals - breakfast, lunch, dinners recipes

  • Healthy snacks recipes

  • 30 day workout plan - weekly video home workout emailed

  • Weekly video coaching - mindset/weightloss all things for healthy women

  • my support, access to me anytime, accountability

  • Facebook "Awesome Healthy Women group for daily inspiration

Let me know if this sounds like something you need or you think that would help you be more of the amazing healthy women you want to be?

It's on line and inperson, skype or phone, you can access anytime, workout at home, all you need is internet and phone for coaching.

Healthy Women, Healthy Body, Healthy Mindset

Quick video - Do you like my idea, lets chat about my 30 days Healthy YOU plan

Message me directly to tell me what you love and need.

Or click on this link to find out more and how my plan will help you feel good inside and outside.

Book your free Healthy Discovery call to chat about your healthy struggles and how I can help.

If you want more to see what I'm about you can check out my website, to subscribe to my emails, blogs, updates, offers.

And if not ready to work together you can join my free Getting Healthy facebook group where I share lots of healthy inspiration and offer helpful healthy weightloss and mindset guidence.

or Getting Healthy

Lets chat, Leanne


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