Moving is Moving

Moving is Moving. Sounds easy right? However it’s a challenge for most women to fit in some form of exercise.

I think the trouble is how we view exercise, what we believe it to be and look like, unachievable in its current rigid form. E.g. “I just don’t have time to go to the gym. We need to be flexible and recognise all movement as beneficial. We attach expectation to a timeframe, an outcome, and of course most of the time it’s unachievable and doesn’t match reality.

So we need to change our thinking to accept and adapt to our situations and it doesn't mean if you have little time that it's for ever, obviously your available time changes with different phases of your life.

And YES, walking is enough at this point in time. If you only have 10 minutes, then that is enough to do something.

Don't discount your daily moving, it all adds up. Yes, walking to the train station from home, then up the stairs to work is awesome and a great effort. See what I mean, moving can be anything and we need to make it fit. We can then get past the excuses, the reasons why we can’t do something. (another great topic).

New rule: “so what we can you do”

And there is always something. The possibility’s open, the confidence grows to try it and more, the motivation and energy kicks in and of course the “I love it”, endorphins. Suddenly you feel like you can do more and you want to do more, so it’s a total mindset shift, very powerful and it doesn’t matter how long it takes but it will start, you will start and grow.

Here's the answer to making it easy - New Rule (10 minute blocks)

My 10 minute rule works well for the overwhelmed, busy and tired women. It’s achievable and gets us past that old story “I don’t have time”. We focus on something that impacts our health or happiness 10min, 2 or 3 blocks to start a new habit, new thoughts and mindset shift but creating time outs just for you to create new actions into your day.

So when a client’s says to me, they are not exercising enough, they want to add in more movement, we look at what their day looks like and morning routines, what movement they already do. We work out how we can squeeze in a walk or movement or self care for 10 minutes and possible to be repeated 2-3 times to total 20-30 minutes extra daily activity.

What ever works, feels good do that. To create a change, start with easy, realistic and achievable. Don't over complicate it or over think it. My 10 minute rule works well for the overwhelmed, busy and tired women. It's achievable and gets us past that old story " I don't have time".

Start new habits, new stress relief, positive thoughts and a mindset shift to create new healthy actions to fit into your day

So what’s next?

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