What's in it for you? (the real reasons to change)

Benefits of the Benefits (the reasons it really matters to you)

These are your real reasons, behind the reasons. How it would feel to create long term changes that feel good and make sense. xx Ask yourself, what you really want, then find your WHY it matters!!. Below is a general benefits of taking care of yourself, and you already know this I'm sure. BUT, I've then added what it might REALLY mean to you in daily, real life, honest wants. (based on what woment tell me, that they really want, no fancy words, just real stuff.)

Fitter - fit in your clothes better, wear whatever you like Younger - feel vibrant and love the way you look Weightloss - love your body feel healthy, prevent illness Exercise - confident, active, strong, less tired, better shape Eat well - enjoy food, lose weight, feel in control, more energy Positive thoughts - happy with more purpose, focus and clarity Selfcare - love your self more, treat yourself with kindness, like you deserve, value yourself more Good habits - simple health, easy, sleep well, reduce overwhelm

Your Big Picture

If you started working on you, how much better would you feel. Know that everyone benefits around you, if your a happy, energetic, focused, clear, committed, fitter women.

  • What's your return on investment when you spend on you?

  • Ask yourself what will happen if you invest in you or commit to your health?

  • What goals, results and outcome will you get?

Ask yourself, what's in it for me and my family, longer term to change. ...

It's not about weightloss. Its about liking what you see, feeling powerful, in control. Fitness, weightloss are tools we use to create change but it's really about how we got here in the first place and what's holding you back from your best version. How can you get what you really want? Find your old self, mojo and confidence in your body again.

Lets chat, free discovery call to help you focus on you, get clear on what you want, your struggles and your steps.

My FitsYou coaching programs, meets you where you are at, we workout what you need and what to do to reduce the gap. Health coaching, steps and daily support, fitness at home, accountability. To feel healthy, lose cm's, have a plan, be stronger inside and outside, fitter, confident with your body, all from your own home.

I also have a 6 week program, you can find out more about my coaching programs here

I'm about getting results from nurturing your health and your mind, with kindness not depriving or criticising yourself.

If you need help with your real reasons, these are the things that create pain in your life, hold you back, keep you stuck. Lets chat about what your real wants are and what feeling healthy can do REALLY do for you. Email, or message via facebook

P.S I love helping women get fitter and confident with their body. Doable exercise at home. Try my coffee table workout (let me know if any questions or need modifying)

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