The Reasons I got a Coach and a PT !!

The reasons I got a coach and a pt !!

In a nut shell and this goes for anybody in any situation, you can stay the same or start changing what you don't like. If you've ever been unhappy with yourself or situation, you may have enlisted support that helps you fix what ever it is that bugs you. It's a brave, honest, good thing, not a weakness.

I've recently been working on the gap between how I feel about myself, where I am now and the women I'd like to be and feel like. I'm loving the growth and learning how to improve my inner self, to be the best version for myself, my family, my clients, it benefits all aspects of my life.

So I was thinking about the reasons I decided to find and work with an awesome mindset coach.

1. Takes too long to work stuff out alone

2. Needed an honest outsiders view

3. Needed direction, focus, the next step

4. Support that's kind but has your back

5. Someone to call out the b.s

6. Correct negative thinking and beliefs that hold us back

7. Wanted expert advice, we never know it all

8. Wanted to invest in myself to feel and be the women I want to be

9. I wanted to quit the struggle

10. be a better mum, wife, coach, friend,

11. To sort out what matters to me, my vision and what I want for me.

And the list could be longer, but so many reasons to invest in yourself, and you may have related to some of these things that I wanted for myself.

So If you ever wanted to cut to the chase and stop anguishing over things you don't like, habits that don't serve you or thoughts that keep you stuck. I suggest find a way to invest where it makes sense.

If you get a coach or PT make sure she supports you, listens, lifts you up when you need it, kicks your butt when you need it. And she's all about your results, you will know with a hell yeah if you get her and she gets you. She or he should make it simple, practical with guidance that suits where you are at.

Best thing you can do is work on you, for you, for your future women you want to be, but sometimes we are not sure what that looks like.

Lets chat about where your at, join me for a free health discovery call about what you need.

You can stay the same or start changing what you don't like.

It's up to you, you are worth it, especially for a longer term benefit, learning how to have a future of happiness, success, joy and growth.

If you have any questions lets connect via Email

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