Do You Have Crap in Your Head?

Do you have crap in your head taking up valuable space?? Here's a quick video for you xx

The struggle is with the crap in our heads. The stuff on the floor can be picked up easily.

Clutter comes in many forms, so start decluttering for health and happiness. Get rid of anything your holding on to, habits, thoughts, beliefs that stop you from feeling and being your best you.

To find your next step, to feel free and clear you must allow time to find your space., to listen to what you want, to hear your thoughts.

And often when I'm coaching women mainly for healthy change and weightloss, if we don't have clarity or time to clear the negatives, then we can't see the next step or work out what we want.

Crap in your head might also mean stripping stuff away that is getting in your way of feeling good, negative self talk, negative people, negative habits that are not serving you well. Get rid of what you don't need and find room for the good stuff, positive thoughts, people that make you feel good and actions that help you care for yourself better.

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Can't wait to help you get clear on what you want for yourself

Leanne Vandeligt

Weightloss Coach and Fitness Trainer


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