Healthy Weightloss, Younger, Awesome (your best you) Workshop PDF, online video/audio lessons and wo

In my coaching workshop, you learn how to lose weight the healthy way, fit exercise and healthy eating into your busy day and use selfcare, mindset shifts, new actions that are easy, doable and work to help you get what ever you want. Feel and look younger, fitter, happier. With my support, your trainer via video, worksheets and audio training emailed will help you create an awesome body and health for results that you want. It's available anytime and you can learn, play the videos and audio anytime. We make it fit you, not matter what your struggle or goal.

It's not about weightloss, it's about feeling good about yourself, liking the way you like and loving your body and what it can do.

This program is right for you if;

  • Wants clarity and direction, the next step

  • Struggling with mindset and health concerns that get in the way of feeling best version

  • Wants to exercise but don't know what exercises to do

  • Time poor and needs simple, doable actions

  • Wants to lose cm's and wear whatever they like

  • Feel stronger and fitter

  • Need support and accountability

  • Less tired, more energy, confidence and motivation

  • Love the way she looks

  • Feel happy, focused and positive

After years of teaching women fitness and health, I've found there are some basic key actions you can take to create better health, quicker results, feel awesome and look the way you want.

These key ways will give you a no B.S approach to fixing energy, using selfcare and mindset to be amazing.

Listen to my Introduction to the audio course here (you need to download Soundcloud a free PC/app to here the lessons

It covers my favourite coaching I use and most effective tools for awesome women to have awesome health. I've included tasks and loads of doable actions to start right now.

1. Self-care - "can't pour from an empty cup"

2. Reduce Stress - reduce fat cells

3. Sleep - the foundation of good health

4. That one thing - easy change

5. Your mum was right - eat all your greens

6. Be Prepared and Plan

7. Muscle is the missing link for fat burn

8. Protien, good fats and carbs

9. Water Loves and we love water

10. Move more (but I don't have time)

11. My 10 minute rule

12. Mind your thoughts - mindset is everything

13. Daily routines, - start your day right

14. Imperfect actions is ok (don't wait for perfect)

15. There are levels of awareness - "as we know better, we do better"

(bonus lesson - Extra Care, practical actions you can do

This workshop was created from what I teach my clients and I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you into action and expands your thoughts to create a new focus and priority, YOU. I hope to help grow your awareness and health journey. The audio lessons are the perfect way to listen to your workshop and replay anytime.

Click on the link to get started

or email me for more information:

How it works ;

No high tech here. Once requested and paid (paypal or BSB). You receive via email the PDF workshop in our inbox. Along with the links to the Audio lessons to play as you work through the worksheets. I use Soundcloud a free download for PC or phone so you can listen to each lesson, totally relisten or replay anytime, a great way to learn.


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