Weightloss Tip # Things you know don't work

Weightloss Tip # Things you know don't work

These are the typical things we do that we know don't work;

  • Depriving ourselves cause that makes you feel worse

  • Focusing on the wrong things that wont help you

  • Setting impossible tasks eg not eating chocolate or drinking wine...

  • Paying out on yourself for not achieving your unrealistic goals

  • Expecting to feel motivated to do something you don't want to do.

  • Being all or nothing, no consistency, makes it too hard

  • Being obsessed with foods, carbs or calories, negative focus

Are you setting yourself up to not achieve that unrealistic tasks? (I don't like the word failure, no such thing) Are you doing things that you know will be hard to stick to? Are you always trying new things? Always worrying about how your going to do it, searching for answers, getting confused, frustrated and overwhelming, which you need like a hole in the head. Less is more, in this case.

If these things ring a bell with you, and you feel frustrated not knowing what to do next, lets chat. I know this is not your first rodeo, smart ladies have to strive, grow, try everything, but you already know they don't work. To move forward you need support, a better more helpful, positive plan and actions that are simple, doable and get you what you need and want.

Message me for healthy weightloss discovery call, for some actions you can do right now x

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Can't wait to chat with you, to help you feel healthier and happier x

Leanne Vandeligt

Weightloss Coach and Personal Trainer

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