Lost your motivation and mojo? Don't worry here's the thing about motivation.

Have you often worried that you don't feel motivated, or even feel like you've lost your mojo?

I think this is natural and it flows as energy does, in and out depending on the happenings around you.

The motivation myth

I think it's a myth that we are supposed to feel motivated and that it should look like fireworks all guns blazing, and feel like "whoo hoo", when in fact it's not always like that. It's myth that we think we need to wait for motivation, or need it to get on with things. Sounds crazy once you say it like that, right!

Sure it would be nice to always feel like doing what we need to do. It might also be nice to enjoy what we are doing but of course that's not real is it. Because in real life we sometimes have to do stuff we don't feel like doing, are not motivated to do and sometimes prefer not to do anything.

I once heard an interview with Michelle Bridges talking about motivation and how we rely on it for results. She was stating that she's not motivated to get up in the cold at 4.30am to do her workouts, or TV filming etc, but she does it because it's a routine or habit not because she's motivated.

Find Inspiration instead

So my tip is inspiration, it's certainly more motivating to do something that inspires you, even in the short term to keep you moving forward in the right direction.

So don't panic if you've lost your workout mojo or motivation, it's natural to come and go. Instead rely on inspiration. doing things that inspire you it's way more enjoyable, try new activities.

If you feel like interest and motivation is low, either in fitness, work or home life, then it might be a sign from the universe, a natural ebb and flow time to review what your doing that your not enjoying.

I love that feeling inspired can be brought about by in so many ways, and reinventing is a great way to recreate yourself, renew your old interests or find new ones to revive your energy. A great time to start a new activity, something that makes you happy and inspired.

It might be time to reconnect and tune into what you really need and love doing most and just go with the flow. your motivation and mojo will return when your ready.

Here's a quick video to inspire you xx

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