What if self-care is the answer to avoid the struggle?.

What if self-care was the answer to avoiding or reducing the struggles?.

When I had my boys 12 years ago, I didn't know much about selfcare, I knew I could help others with exercise, but didn't use selfcare myself to avoid the struggle, the low energy, the tiredness, the negative thoughts. I was trying to do the best I could with no reserves, with me last. Which, I know now in the long run doesn't make you happy , and gives you limited coping skills.

I put off my exercise, too tired, and I was, but I would have felt better about myself, if I had focused on selfcare. All of a sudden 5 years go past and your not fit, not healthy, still tired. What happened?? I had always loved exercise, but I lost my focus once the kids came along.

I now believe self-care can change everything, step by step, day by day, thought by thought. I think it changes our focus, our clarity, our thoughts, our movement, our values, our actions, to bring all that is important back inward to us.

Self-care creates results, a progression, in a kind, caring, self loving, compassionate way, bringing you all you desire, best results, inspiration, joy and happiness, a better way.

When I taught aerobics in my 20's, I loved it. But of course it was all about me, hundreds of crunches, grapevines and high knees, along with my awesome bright g-string fashionable leotards.

I honestly had no clue, how hard it was for a busy women or mum to fit in exercise. To feel totally uncomfortable in a class, or that she put her self out there, hating her body, thinking people are looking at her. Being young, I certainly had no awareness of how she felt about herself, what she was battled that day to be there for her.

I'm so grateful that age, being a mum, my experiences, and training with women closely the last 15 years as taught me about the real struggles, internal battles, women face. I helped many inspiring women, some had it really tough, but all went ahead anyway, true GRIT. The progress made and persistence to feel better, live happy and healthy, was the reason I continue to help women and still love my job.

So why did those women persist? They believed one positive action, this one step of selfcare, (a weekly PT session), getting help, was the beginning. And it was.

That's because they knew they deserved more.

That's why we persist, when times are tough, when we don't know where we are headed, we continue to improve our health, our thinking, strive to achieve, to feel good about ourselves, and to continue the giving. All so we can be the women we desire to be, doing what ever we love doing.

This is why I know that selfcare is the first decision, if you want to make a difference or change. Exercise is the tool, but the easier part of the equation. Loving yourself, believing your worth, acceptance and compassion is number 1..

So my mission is to support women to keep moving, focus on their selfcare as it can be sanity to a busy women, a tired mum. Exercise is self-care too.

I know self-care is a non-negotiable, its doable and flexible. It's a must for clear thinking, release of unhealthy habits, release from overwhelm and stress like nothing else. You can't replicate the effect on your mental health and your physical health, which are tied to your happiness and wellbeing.

1. So the trick is to include yourself, do the little things that make you happy and healthy. Ask yourself, "how you can be a better mummy by feeling good?", without leaving yourself last or depleted.

2. Find an activity you love, even if its just playing at the park with your kids, walking around the block.

3. Find a group, or local community that supports mums, where you feel safe to expand, safe to feel uncomfortable, to be open and share as we are all the same, we have all been there, everyone struggles in same way, shape or form, its not easy to start but its worth it.

If you want more support, lets chat for a free 1:1 health discovery call, to find out how you can use exercise and self-care. Also check out my Selfcare Checklist on my website (I love freebie tab).

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Love Leanne xx

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Can't wait to help you thrive and strive to get what you want.

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