Lets Get Our Power Back Free Challenge 10 days

When I was a little girl I remember pretending to be Wonder Women, Charlies Angels, Bionic Women, I loved them all. I wanted to be them, have their power, beauty and strength saving the world. Didn't we all??

What a powerful seed to plant in young girls minds. I still love Wonder Women.

The 10 Day Get Your Power Back Challenge

Daily Motivtion

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Strategy and Tasks

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We are going to chat about how to tackle the things that stop us from feeling powerful;

Here's a few common struggles that can get in the way of feeling amazing, strong, clear and powerful;

  • feeling guilty

  • overwhelm - where does it come from

  • reducing stress

  • distractions and focus

  • reconnect

  • habits that serve you

  • movement and benefits

  • positivity and mindset

  • excuses and resistance to change

  • motivation and inspiration

  • Calmness

  • Selfcare

  • Weightloss

  • Worthiness

And I'm sure we can add some more feelings your struggling with that effects our health, limit our confidence and selfbelief and keeps us scared to try.

So many topics that we can touch on in my trainings and daily feeds, that will help us see them for what they are, complete tasks that release the overwhelm and help you step up into your Wonder Women power, together is easier.

This is where its all happening, starts Monday, my community facebook group, "Power Up, Level Up, Women Up", join the fun, so you can keep in touch and also follow the live video trainings, and loads of other healthy inspiration.

Or you can read more and subscribe to the challenge here;

P.S Your also invited to a free 1:1 health strategy call with me, to chat about where you are at and where you would like your health to be.

Leanne Vandeligt - Health Coach and Fitness Trainer

I'm all about wholistic, big picture health and weighltoss.

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