Your Checklist Ebook - Do you have a healthy weight mindset?

The more women I help to feel good and lose weight, the more I see that our thoughts have a powerful effect on our health, how we act, how we think, and how we think and feel about ourselves. To create healthy a healthy body, support healthy weightloss we must start with healthy thinking. Is your mindset healthy and does it make you feel good? Do your thoughts hinder or help you achieve what you want? How do you know if you have an unhealthy mindset? Here's a checklist with some common health struggles that are a big red flag, that stand out when I'm helping women to sort out their health and weightloss struggles. Some of these may be familiar to you, but its very normal and the more positive action you take to gain a healthy mindset around food and exercise the less negatives will appear.

  • Not happy with yourself or body when you look in the mirror?

  • Speaking "mean' to yourself, putting yourself down, or a theme of negative thoughts

  • Obsessing about a food you've eaten and what you have to do tomorrow to burn it off?

  • Low feeling of energy, general motivation for exercise or other activities

  • Obsessing over tummy or another body part that you don't like

  • Feeling down when weighing or obsessed about the scales

  • Emotionally eating out of habit or negative feelings

  • Not letting go or forgiving your self for poor choices

  • Stressed and overwhelmed causing overload and fatigue

  • Feeling guilty often about your investing time or effort into yourself or what you want.

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There is a few more but these are very common to most of us that are not feeling our best self. A healthy mindset means you can slowly work on the struggles that are holding you back. Create simple small steps and habits that help you grow the positives, create actions to build confidence, positivity, selfcare, Working together means we look at the whole big picture, the whole women, not just your butt size. Because it matters how you feel, and actions brings confidence and a strong mind will bring results. It's no fun being a busy women, tired mum, working, juggling, striving to achieve all that has to be done in a day, when your overwhelmed, unhappy within yourself and feeling low energy. What's happening for you now? How you feel now? How you want to feel? What you would like to be like? What changes, habits and support is needed to get you want you want If you've been worrying about your weight, your health or your energy lately, it's time to have a checkup. To have a chat message me for a free health discovery call, to get some actions you can start right away to help you move forward. Next Step;

You can book your 1:1 x 60 min coaching Healthy Mindset for Weightloss consultation/call. We identify your daily struggles, talk about how you feel and what you want to achieve. I give you actions to take away and do right away 30 days support, access to me, coaching tips, video, messages, facebook group. Investment $90 (lets chat to see what you really want) If you want to work together longer ask about 1:1 30 days Healthy Mindset for Weightloss, to feel awesome and create better health. Investment $260

(6 week package also available) I'd love to chat more about your struggles, find out how your really feel and think and help you step up into your personal power. This is not a DIY plan where you are left to do it alone, and dont stick to the plan, I coach you personally, via skype, phone and video for your situation and your wants, visions, results. You can find out more about my coaching plans

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