It's your reasons WHY, that really matters most

It really matters why you want to be a healthy women, and to move forward to your goals you need to understand the real reasons you want to change.

Of course I'm assuming we all want to be and feel a healthy women, but what I do know is our reasons why are often different.

Our versions of healthy that we want to reach are also very different.

I'd love you to consider these questions to give you some clarity around changing.

What will it bring you to create a healthy change?

What will if give you more of if you create healthy change?

When I'm coaching women we talk about finding the things we really value, as I believe what you value and have passion for that makes you happy, brings you joy is the path you need to follow.

The things you value the most will guide you towards your answer, your next step, how you want things to be for you.

Your why could be underneath so dig deeper.

Your Why could be something like you want to fit into your clothes better, or wear that gorgeous skirt you bought a couple of years ago before you put on weight. Or it could be more critical like avoiding blood pressure medication, avoiding diabetes. It could be finding more joy, like playing with the grandkids or your own children or just to have the energy you would like to get through your day so your not asleep on the couch by 8.30pm.

See how our versions of healthy will differ but also our reasons for wanting to feel healthy are also different.

But guaranteed the results will always be for the better, improvements that will bring more joy, happiness, life, energy, health, movement, food all to add to your enjoyment of life, no matter what the WHY?

These why's are your driving force for change. Look inward at what you really value to find the reasons and your why's, then decide how.

If you want to reach out and discover more about what you want and why you want it, contact me for free Healthy Discovery call

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Leanne Vandeligt xx

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