10 Steps to Kickstart and Reset your Healthy Body for Spring (new ebook)

Spring is a great time to recharge your batteries, put away the winter woolies and get back to basics with my 10 steps for kickstarting and resetting your body and health.

The reason I've created this ebook, is after many years of coaching and training women, there are some key aspects that can make a huge difference to the way women feel about themselves and easy changes we can all make to feel healthy and happier.

My new ebook "10 Steps to Kickstart and Reset Your Body for Spring", will show you how to get back to basics and simplify the steps to feeling great.

First Question; Are you doing the basics to feel healthy and happy??

If not, we can find out why and add the appropriate tweaks.

If you follow these practical steps for healthy actions and mindset tweaks your body will reward you, function, look and feel the way you want, then you are ready to do more, and focus on what’s important to you. So let’s start with the big picture, let’s start with you.

Less is more, we simplify, sensible tasks, ensuring all steps are easy and supportive, kind, nurturing way to care for your body to achieve healthy weight loss with ways to support you.

This ebook has my 10 steps to get back to basics plus loads of practical ideas, free plans and video to show you how you can get started with your health and fitness back on track and regain your energy for spring.

You can purchase my ebook here for $9.99, emailed into your inbox. Click on this link to pay via paypal

Here's a quick summary of what we work on together in the ebook.

1. Self-care (You can't pour from a empty cup)

Meaning; fill your cup so it can overflow and don’t give on empty). We help you find easy ways to use selfcare to kickstart your energy and create daily care for you.

2. Reducing Overwhelm and Stress

How we react to stress and overwhelm is in our control, and keeping our overwhelm is key for better health, we will create space and clarity to feel and think in a positive way, our body and health will also thank you. Using tools like mindfulness and mini habits to serve us better we can reduce the drains in our day

3. Sleep –the foundation good health

Back to basics with practical ideas of getting more peaceful rest

4. Your mum was right “eat all your greens” (or Drink)

Why you should up your greens and some yummy green juice recipes to try

5. Water loves us and keeps toxins away

Well known fact our body is 75% water possible 95% depending what you read. If you want weight loss and better health drink more water. Some practical ideas to get more water in your system.

6. Movement is Movement

Most common issue for busy women is finding time to fit exercise in. I've included awesome tweaks, tips, video and a workout to try

7. The good oils, good carbs and proteins

The goal should always be a balanced diet. My tip is keep it always simple. Don’t get caught up in negative behaviours around food. You can try my fresh simple meal plans and recipes available Cost $7.99 here;

8. Daily Healthy Habits

Loads of simple habits to help you get consistent and love. Especially morning routines. More tips in the ebook and practical ideas, My Tip# No matter what you want, you need to be clear on your goal, keep it simple, short with direct actions daily to follow that will lead you to your result. Try my easy morning routine video

9. Be Prepared and Plan

This is key for eating well, if it isn’t in the fridge or pantry then you can’t choose it. That goes for keeping crap in your fridge or pantry too. You will get some awesome freebies, meal planners and healthy shopping list to download.

And lastly;

10. Mini Habits for Easy Change

In order to create easy change I ask clients to pick one thing they want to work on for the week, month and an action or task daily to help you work on it. I've added some great ways to create mini habits and video on how to do it, to remove resistance.

Extra Bonus for you -

How to create amazing change with Super Powers

We practise tools such as gratefulness, calm, mindfulness, loads of cool super mindset tweaks to get you in tune with the universe and get you what you want.

Your welcome to change your energy, mindset and create a healthier body by purchasing my ebook of awesome practical help and mindset tweaks to change your energy, recharge your batteries and get you in amazing shape for Spring and 2017.

Your new ebook for more energy and your health body ready for spring will cost $9.99, it's emailed into your inbox. You can purchase via Paypal here, click on this link;

Can't wait to help you more and support your amazing awesome health.

Leanne Vandeligt - Health Coach and Fitness Trainer

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