Do you think exercise is a chore?

Do you think exercise is a chore?

Well if you do, I think your right. And this might be the key to getting it done, making it a chore, non-negotiable, make it happen.

Sounds drab, doesn't it but it might work better for you, if you are less emotional about it and treat it like a task to be done daily. Especially as we get older and the purpose of doing exercise changes as we have less time, more demands and more commitments.

Why is it such a struggle to stick at exercise?

Often our feelings get in the way, we talk ourselves out of exercising, because we don't feel like it. Tired, can't be bothered, too busy, or what ever reason we use to justify not doing what needs to be done.

Why? Part of our brain wants us to be comfortable and stay the same because its easier and it might be uncomfortable to do something different or form new habits. So if we want to make a change, we really need to ignore our feelings and rely on good habits. Because our resistance to change is working, keeping you stuck and the same.

When I was younger and no family, exercise was a joy not a chore, and that's the ideal. But in todays world, maybe we need a more pragmatic approach one that bypasses feelings, and just gets on with the tasks at hand.

Unfortunately, doing whats best for us isn't always ideal, fun, fanciful, idealistic, or smiley like we think it needs to be. So tryng a more realistic and practical approach to movement and being consistent might just work for you.

So here's why it works

Maybe we can get around our rigid thinking by creating a mindset for habit and tasks that are non-negotiable, despite how we are feeling, (within reason of course). And on another important note, typically you still want to choose exercise you like or at least tolerate. Naturally, if you hate doing it, then that will never inspire or motivate you to create healthy change.

And a word on motivation.

It's sounds great, but the idea that we wait for motivation, to feel whoo hoo, ready to go, before we act or exercise is a myth. You don't need motivation it to begin. (I know right!!!, revelation).

Motivation will come once you create movement or start with a positive action, same with confidence, action brings confidence. So if you are trying to talk your self into a walk, then start with a smaller goal eg 10 min around the block. You will find you have less resistance to doing it, and once you start of course you can maybe walk a little bit more. We have to trick our brains a little, dropping to the minimum your prepared to do, but of course you will feel motivated to do more once you get moving.

I do know we are able to push through our feelings when we need to.

eg when we must go to a childs appointment, an activity, do household chores doesn't factor into it, that we might tired, don't feel like it, we just get it done.

Maybe this approach needs to happen some times (not saying all the time, we don't want exercise to be drab, I would still expect a level of joy or inspiration to come from moving our body). I'm just saying our approach needs to be feelings and excuse proof and emotionally void some of the time, to create the change you need and to just make it happen.

I hope this is another way, refreshing thoughts to help take away some of the pressure and guilt around, not loving exercise or not feeling motivated, it's ok. Just begin, do something and make it work for you. xx (watch my quick video about how to fit exercise in even if you think its a chore)

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