So what does it take to strengthen your self-confidence?

So what does it take to strengthen and build your self confidence?

I think the first thing that helps us understand self-confidence, is to say that feeling confident is a constant journey. Confidence is a moving, living ever changing, possibly lifting and a self defeating experience.

You are human after all

Being human means you've most likely experienced low times in life. Then you'll also know that confidence can take a giant hit, and in time is slowly rebuilt and strengthened. I would describe having self confidence as a lifelong, continual learning experience. Over the course of your life, it will be over inflated, under valued, over estimated, dipped to all time lows, and all of the inbetween.

It's not forever

So where you are today maybe not be where it will be next year. And if your in a low time, it won't last, it won't be forever. It may feel like a personal attack on your total being and all that you believe you are and worth of. I think that's where it's sneaky, dangerous and harmful to our internal happiness.

There's many wonderful TED talks, to explain confidence. And one awesome lady and author (5 second rule), Mel Robins talks about gaining and understanding confidence and what undermines it.

You have the power to build it

The most wonderful thing about confidence is we do have the power to build it up, be stronger and able to ignore drama. We can develop strategies to guard and protect ourselves from being negatively affected by people or situations that often result in us not believing we are worthy of all that we desire, dropping our self-confidence in ourselves and abilities. Of course, only if you let it!!!

Below, I've listed what I think are 10 helpful actions and qualities needed to build and strengthen self confidence for a more resillient, happy and high vibe world.

1. Actions create progress (always moving forward) 2. Self acceptance not perfectionism 3. Belief in you and what your about 4, Positive self talk (get out of your own head) 5. Care what you think not others 6. No low vibe or negatives allowed 7. Create today's version. don't look back 8. Know you are valued - when you give kindness (see the difference you make) 9. You are enough as you are 10. Do what feels good, trust your intuition, you have answers already

But be rest assured, where ever you are placed emotionally right now, you are strong and can choose how you want to be, how you act and how you feel.

USE it, you can change what ever you want. If you want to!

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