So what is your fitness going to give you?

So what is feeling fitter and healthier going to give you?

Everyone wants something special and each of us want something different from it.

So imagine if fitness could give you any of these or all of these - and amazingly it can. And if a pill could do all this, we would all take it, right??.

So what would you want out of being fitter?

  • more motivation,

  • Feel in control,

  • Habits and routines,

  • More energy,

  • Muscle tone,

  • Weightloss

  • Strength,

  • Return to exercise

  • Avoid medications or illness

  • Feel and look how you want

  • Lower stress levels

  • Better sleep quality,

  • Guidance and Direction

  • Fit in clothes better

  • Love your body

  • Feel sexy

So no matter where your at, why or what you need. It is guaranteed, you will always benefit from doing anything positive that creates change or progress, as apposed to doing nothing.

So if you need some extra help, how can we do some these things or all of these things?.

My coaching plans follow a 5 step action plan, to cover uplifting and improving mindset, habits, movement, nutrition and energy. Big picture, holistic healthy.

My coaching plans are customised to suit your struggles and goals.

Click below to find out more about my 1:1 Uplift coaching 4 weeks plan, or my new Fit & Fab PT online monthly, for ongoing coaching support and accountability with all the motivation and guidance you need.

You can check out my coaching plans here;

Let me show you how you can fit in more exercise in your day.

Try my 2 minute legs and butt workout. 4 exercises, simple, easy, enough.

Need a chat about how we can get more out of your fitness, or fit more healthy in, your invited for a free health discovery call to see how I can help you. Feel free to email me on

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talk soon xxx

Leanne Vandeligt

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