Free 5 day Fit & Fab challenge

Challenges are great for focus, and this one is all about getting started, by creating an easy daily habit. I've created this 5 day challenge, to complete a simple workout daily, that suits any level, starting off with low reps and tweaking over the week, but also includes my support and coaching during our week.

Each day we also complete a easy daily task that I suggest. With the aim to work on up to 3 struggles you want to improve over our week together.

It may be something like drinking more water, creating mini breaks, reducing overwhelm and distractions from our phones. It's about what ever makes a difference to your health and your daily routines, to have you feeling good.

So please join in our live daily workouts, video coaching and tips that are shared in the group. Join by clicking on this link.

You can also look over the post's and files tab for more helpful guides, meal plans, video, checklists to help you get started with more care for you.

So what's after the 5 day's, you can check out my website and packages here.

Option 1 : My uplift 4 weeks 1:1 coaching Plan

Option 2: My group Fit & Fab PT online monthly plan

All my coaching plans include 1:1 health reveiws, action plans customised to your needs, and accountability with checkins, video and coaching, including group community and access to me for ongoing support.

If you would like more information or like a free chat about where your at and work out what you need and how we get what you want, email me

Can't wait to help you feel good and healthy, inside and out.

Leanne xx

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