Real ways to avoid a sluggish New Year Body

Real ways to avoid a sluggish New Year body

Christmas can be an awesome time for family, love, rest, happiness and fun. So we don't want to create worry around how we will feel when the festivities are over. It's only 1 day right, how much damage can we do afterall. But holidays can mean the end of stressful work periods, more foods we wouldn't normally eat, delicious deserts, celebrations and sometimes weight gain. Along with less sleep, more stress, more alcohol, more calories.

And we can find ourselves feeling a bit flat, unwell, sluggish and possibly an extra 2-3 kg over the Christmas and New Year period.

So here are some easy ways to maintain your figure and your energy.

1.Keep moving – exercise will help you survive. Take the kids to the park, walk along the beach, swim what ever works on holidays.

2.Don't use the holidays as an excuse for more food, more drinks, more partying “because the holidays come only once a year,"

3.Avoid nibbling when preparing the feast. Use a chewy to keep you focused on the preparation

4.Don’t skip meals to save up for dinner. It may mean over eating or bigger serves later because of hunger.

5.Reach for the smaller plate. Research shows we eat about 20 percent less if you use a salad plate rather than a dinner-size one, you won’t be tempted to over-eat.

6.Don't have to indulge morning tea, eat less of your co-workers famous rocky road.

7.Skinny sipping – Avoid cocktail or spirit with soft drink mixes. Wine has just 123 calories for standard glass, and although still high in sugars, it's a calorie bargain compared to other spirit mixes. Better still, limit the alchohol, drink sparkling mineral water if maintaining weight is a goal over the holidays.

8.Get radiant skin with detoxifying foods, choose plenty of healthy clean food, fresh fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, which will naturally cleanse and energise your skin and body.

9.Bed on time - Keep sleep routines, fewer than 5 hours of sleep lowers leptin and ghrelin, hormones that controls mood and appetite. A recipe for weight gain and hunger.

10.Love and laugh, be calm, take time to relax and remember to enjoy spending time with the people you love the most.

Hope you have a fun, healthy Christmas and a happy new year with lots of love, energy and inspiration for an exciting New Year.

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Leanne Vandeligt

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