My "Fitter and Leaner after 40" ebook is now ready for you.

Hi just a quick blog about my New ebook "Fitter and Leaner after 40", is now ready. I've created these basic steps to help you focus on you and what matters most, bigger picture of health for those in their 40's and 50's just like me..

I love helping you start your health journey, fitter, leaner and stronger, after 40's or 50's like me. Any age and any body, can train it's all about doing what suits your goals and suits where you are currently at.

What I want now for my body and health is alot different to when I was in my 20's and 30's. now I'm all about everyday health and energy so I can do what I want and love the way I feel. Sure, having nice firm abs is a nice idea but for me, I have a bigger picture in mind, better everything.

I'll show you how to create easy healthy changes. My ebook gives you;

  • Action Plan - a path to follow

  • Daily Checklist for healthy habits

  • 10 ways to create a "Fitter and Leaner after 40"

  • Simple recipes

  • Easy workouts

  • Mindset Super powers - feel calm and mindful

Cost of ebook $19.99 (bsb/paypal)

You'll find it here as well as coaching programs and cool DIY online plans and nutrition plans. xx

You can also see what we do here; join in free group "Fitter and Leaner after 40"

P.S This ebook is included as part of my 1:1 4 weeks coaching 1:1 program "fitter and leaner after 40".

Being fitter and stronger will bring mindset and physical strength to your life, body and energy, with a focus that means better everything for you.

Start easy, start simple, you need to just choose how to start. Your welcome to a free 1:1 Healthy Discovery chat about what you want to achieve for you.

Leanne Vandeligt

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