12 Things To Know About Losing Weight

After years of coaching and supporting hundreds of women to uplift their health and fitness for better bodies, better habits, better mindset. These 12 things are myth busting and will change your struggle with weight and enhance your results dramatically.

They are my top lessons from my clients success and weightloss journeys. Truth is, honesty helps, don't kid yourself, and simple is always best, back to basic wins everytime for busy women.

Firstly know this for daily results

  • MUST fit into your life

  • MUST be easy

  • MUST not cause more stress on your body or mindset,

1. Focus only on healthy habits, weightloss will come from that

2. Don't rely on motivation to start 3. Scales are not best way to measure weightloss 3. Do use clothing and measurements to see cm's lost 4. You will enjoy the right exercise, choose what suits 5. Don't need to smash your body to get a result 5. Do reduce calories to lose weight, with balance food types 6. Short quick interval workouts work the best 7. Must get quality sleep and less stress to lose weight 8. You can lose weight with diet change alone, but its quicker with exercise. 9. Don't underestimate walking, beneficial for all aspects 10. There's always a work around fix for everything 11. All or nothing doesn't work, consistency is king 12. You will worry less about your body if your happy

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