Are You Strength Training?

Are you doing strength training?

If not, you are not maintaining your muscle, metabolism or strength. These 10 things will happen when you train for strength using body and weights.

1. Strong joint function, move freely 2. Increase bone strength 3. Burn calories when you sleep 4. Speed up metabolism 5. Feel more energised 6. Create fat loss 7. Build toned muscle 8. Look fitter and healthy 9. Improve posture 10. Reduce stress and improve mental coping skills.

I believe everything thing you do from this day on counts towards your future health, future body and strength, bigger picture, longer term, strength, balance, weight management, and mindset.

Make your workout time count, I know people that just do cardio, it’s not enough load.

Some cardio equipment doesn't provide enough impact on the bones to improve or change bone density, so you really want to make your workout effective and efficient.

My programs include resistance and strength work that you can do at home, even without equipment. You can burn calories, tone muslce and see results in fat loss by tweaking and lifting your workout to include weights and body weights, and no gym required.

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Here is a couple of ways to start getting more energy and motivation to train. Quick video - What is Zapping Your Energy?

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