Are you feeling stuck or unmotivated or just disconnected? Where do I start?

So feeling stuck and unmotivated?

So where do you start??

  • Your really tired

  • Feeling stressed

  • Not sleeping well

  • Feeling unmotivated

  • Eating crap

  • Definitely don’t feel like exercising

  • Feel so heavy and sluggish

  • Clothes don’t fit

So where do we start??

1. Start Selfcare 💕😍😘 do one thing a day that is just for you, makes you feel happier, lighter, refreshes your mind.

It doesn’t matter how long or what it is. Get in the habit it will change your thinking

2. talk to someone about how your feeling, that simple act of no longer hiding will set you in a positive direction, step out, lift up.

3. Get more rest even if lots of little breaks to give you space to think and breathe. Find it.

Reach out, I’m always happy to listen, coaching 1:1 or online programs to show you how to make life easier and get more energy.

Lets chat about where your at now, apply here for your free consultation call with your details here

And if you've ever felt this way, you will know sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. You don't know where the next step is, cant identify the exact issue and it seems so many and so big, it's just a daunting overwhelming feeling you get, can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well the answer is just start somewhere, and secondly you don't need motivation, if your waiting for motivation before you act, you could be waiting too long.

P.S An important step to recharging your health is movement, start with walking, nature and sunshine, combine the 3, it will have a magic effect.

Making it Easy - we all need to feel more active, try my easy fitness challenge, home workouts for the busy and overwhelmed, getting you to start moving.

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