5 things to do for better health at work

After spending most of my younger years in the sales and corporate world, I wonder how my health survived at all. I did alot of exercise at the time, but that did not always equate to healthy.

That work meant, sitting all day, desk bound call centers, late nights, drinking and partying (that went with the 80's in IT), trainings with breakfast, lunch, dinners provided, not nutritious, and jobs that had me driving around all day doing customer visits, skipping meals and upteen coffee meetings a day.

I also had stress, moved states, company merges x 3, flying, the travel, presentations, roadshows all that goes with customer visits and sales life.

Bonus, I did work at one wonderful place that gave us yoga and massage at lunchtimes, and they had a gym at work, so brilliant, sadly this was rare.

Question? - so are we any healthier or smarter in the work place today? Maybe it's worse, no memo's, you have email and internet, so you don't even have to get up off your desk anymore to speak to each other.

Maybe it's worse because we are busy at home, family and modern stress, I see it daily with clients, not eating, poor diet, not drinking water, not sleeping, inactive, stressed from family demands, juggling kids, life with no "me time", overweight and becoming unwell.

So here's some tips - 5 things to do in your day to make you healthier at work

  1. Refresh and Reset your productivity and energy - Take mini breaks 5-10 min anyhow it can work, stand at your desk, stretch, go outside for sun and fresh air, walk to the watercooler, the kitchen, around the block

  2. Hydrate it's a good excuse to get up - Keep filling up your cup with water, so you need to go get water, your more likely to drink it if you aren't looking at a daunting 1 litre bottle on your desk. Drink a cup with each meal time and before you know it you've drank more water.

  3. Include walking - Plan a quick walk with your lunch or before you eat. Leave your desk, walk & talk coffee meetups, make it deliberate, to the bus, to the station, up the elevator, any how you can make it work

  4. Measure and Inspire Movement - Invest in a fitbit and track your steps, it will remind you when you haven't moved for a long time, it will also convert steps into km's to see how many you've walked. 10,000 steps is the daily requirement to stay fit and healthy, according to health standards

  5. Avoid sugar cravings and energy slumps - Plan your snacks, , be prepared with healthy choices, they will keep you full for longer, rather than aim for chocolate, or muffin at the deli, take or buy healthy foods, like a wrap, a roll, nuts, yogurt, fruit - avoiding sugar cravings and energy slumps.

If you would love a health review of your day and habits, corporate or at home, I would love to help you feel healthier, fitter at work and at home. Connect for free consult.

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