Do you worry about putting on weight at Christmas, top tips for eating healthy

It's actually easy to eat healthy and keep the waist line, thanks to our aussie summer christmas foods, such beautiful healthy foods.

Here's some tips to eat well and avoid the extra 2kg (average people put on over christmas break.

1. Eat the beautiful salads and fresh meats (no guilt)

2. choose the entree plastic plate not the big plate

3. add the berries and fruit, if your having a desert

4. love seafood?? go for the prawns and salmon

5. limit the bubbly, and mix it up with a few waters

6. Watch the portions, if you eat well you will be full, you wont' need seconds.

7. Get sleep, nothing worse than late nights feeling exhausted before Santa even arrives

Just be sensible, watch the portion sizes, don't over do the wine, lollies and desert otherwise you'll need to put your big girl pants on after for real.

Still time to get habits sorted before Christmas, PM for my weightloss solutions, 6 week and 30 day programs start anytime.

If wanting help and planning to lose weight for Jan, free 1:1 call, you don't need to wait to feel good now.

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