Checklist - Unhealthy Mindset for Weight loss

Checklist - Unhealthy Mindset for Weight loss

So how do you know?

Here are some struggles around weight loss mindset. If some of these are familiar, don’t panic. This checklist goes over some key aspects what I consider to be an unhealthy mindset, based around food, thinking and habits.

o Not happy with yourself or body when you look in the mirror?

o Mean self-talk, putting yourself down, theme of negative thoughts

o Self-care is low on the “to do list”

o Obsessing about a food you've eaten, even reduce eating next day

o Low feeling of energy, motivation for exercise or activities

o Obsessing over tummy or other body part you don't like

o Feeling down when weighing or obsessed about the scales

o Binge, emotionally eating out of habit or negative feelings

o Not letting go or forgiving yourself for poor choices

o Stressed and overwhelmed causing overload and fatigue

o Feeling guilty often about your investing time or effort into yourself or what you want.

There is a few more but these are very common, for those worrying about food. Being aware of these negative behaviours, thoughts, feelings will help means you can slowly work on the struggles that are holding you back.

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