Step 1 - Reducing Overwhelm and Stress, but where is it coming from?

So if Step 1 - is reducing overwhelm and stress - first you need to know where it's coming from. What is draining you?

Is it external and environment, situational, unwell, committments, busy?

Key message here - is we can't control other people or what others do or even your situation sometimes, but you can control how you think about things, what you do and how your react. So focus on what you can control and find positives in the rest.

Is it internal created by you? - thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours, actions. You always have a choice on these things, even if tricky to change it's always possible for new.

Ok - this is a big Key message, here is there's lots of things we think and do that create our own overwhelm

a) It can be as simple as overcommitting, being too busy, overthinking, untrue assumptions, over-complicating, not valuing our own time or self

b) Typically it's a mix of unrealistic expectations, old beliefs and poor self talk, which most is untrue, perfectionism, fear of being wrong, fear of failing, so we procrastinate and stall and do nothing just in case it's wrong.

c) Awareness is gold, be aware of your thoughts, "choose your thoughts like you choose your clothes (elizabeth gilbert), or you are not your thoughts (eckart tolle) there's loads awesome thought leaders teaching how to become aware of your thoughts, you don't have to believe everything you think. Your thoughts effect your feelings, effect your actions.

How to change it -

1. Slow it all down, see your thoughts for what they are, just a thought, don't let it rule your feelings or actions, your unhelpful thoughts may not be truth

2. Take time out, calm for a clear head, get out of your head, you can't think your way out.

3. Focus on what you value and what matters most to be unstuck, and use positive self talk and affirmation

99% is mindset, and courage is required, just keep going, your on the right track xx

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