Things you must know if you want to lose weight and get fit the easy way

I see so many people wanting to get healthy and fit, but start off doing it the hard way, using old myths, confusing information, just making it too hard to stick to, so they quit before they see results.

What if being healthy and fit was easy, simple and didn't waste so much time. Here's some great tips to help you start your health journey right, a simple holistic approach, a positive mindset and so easy you can stick to it. Saves you giving up because of unrealistic advice, old myths, so confusing.

1. You don’t need an hour at the gym to get results, do the right exercise

2. If you hate running don’t do it, find something you like

3. - crunches won’t get rid of tummy fat

4. Lack of Sleep will stop you losing the weight

5. If you have 10min, then you have time

6. Health must fit your life, Sustainable habits, don’t fall of the wagon (there is no wagon)

7. More muscle % means less fat % = weightloss

8. Mindset is everything, you feel what you think, so be kind to you.

We have to unlearn, unbelieve what you already think, to create new plan and allow weightloss to happen.

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