How to Rebalance Hormones naturally Top 10 Cheat Sheet

It makes sense that if we are feeling healthy and happy, everything will be better, feel more in control, balance for improving how our body responds in symptoms, during our peri-menopause and menopause journey.

10 Tips for feeling calmer and more energised,

every day for better health.

  1. Calm – Be Still, be present, be mindful

  2. Relax – breathe and find a hobby or activity that makes you feel calm

  3. Sleep – get your rest, it will also help with coping and calm

  4. Reduce Cardio and HIIT workouts – reduce the cortisol, high energy workouts will increase the cortisol, swap for a low impact option, when feeling tired

  5. Limit – toxins and stimulants, sugar, coffee, alcohol – try tea, green and herbal tea

  6. Exercise – regular movement can assist with weight gain, insulin resistance and helps with hot flushes, fatigue and sleep

  7. Reduce sugars and high carbs to lower insulin and fat storage

  8. Supplements to support adrenal and thyroid hormones – Vitamin c, E, B5 & 6, magnesium, macca, turmeric, black gohosh, clary sage, priobiotics, salt

  9. Limit toxins around the house, makeups, perfumes, cleaning ingredients

  10. Eat more fibre and protein with high fat diets, for feeling full, energy, better digestive functioning and efficient metabolism.

So many way's we can help improve our health and our symptoms. Free 1:1 consults to start tweaking habits for feeling better.

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