Are hot flushes ruining your sleep? Try these ideas to help with better sleep.

Hi lovely ladies. I talk to alot of women struggling with menopause symptoms and hormone imbalance, and they are not sure what to do about it, they've had enough of hot flushes and no sleep. So here are some tips on how to get a better sleep, and reduce night sweats and hot flushes?

It's common, to experience poor quality sleep, insomnia and disruptions as we start transitioning, during and beyond menopause.

Here's some ideas to try;

  • Eat a banana or nuts before bed

  • Take flaxseed daily

  • Lavender oils is great, (in pillowslip)

  • Natural sleep supplements (ask your natropath)

  • Magnesium is also improves sleep

  • Keep bedding light, not trap heat

  • Avoid spicy foods

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Avoid Caffiene

  • Reduce stress

  • Breathe, create calming bedtime routine

P.S Not enough sleep slows metabolism, not allowing body to rest, not lowering stress hormones, so all adds to weight gain.

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