Are you aligned with your actions, matching what you want?

Are you aligned with your actions? That feeling when your actions match what you say you want, with what you say your going to do?

Well we all know what it feels like when we are NOT!

We eat a packet of tim tams in one go, but want to lose weight

We stay up late scrolling facebook on our phone, when we are tired

We don't connect with our freinds, but we are lonely

We want to get fit, but can't be bothered moving off the couch

We have health issues, but we keep ignoring them

We want to feel happy, but keep arguing with yourself, with negative and nasty thoughts

You will be constantly feeling internal conflict, confusion, upheaval, disconnection, avoiding emotions, unhappiness, guilt, shame, upset, negativity, illness and life won’t flow, won't feel easy and unclear on way out, what the next step is.

Aligning for your best you, in health and head means;

•eating in a away that honours and nurtures your body, health and weight

•giving yourself the care, rest you need to function your best and believe in quality sleep

•choosing you, choices serving you, better options and aligned with the way you want to feel

•your thoughts are aligned and supporting your lifestyle changes, your heart desires and soul needs

When you feel more aligned with your actions and thoughts with your needs, you will no longer doing the opposite taking you away from your goals. It will no longer be hard, and you will stop arguing with yourself all day long, so exhausting right?

Once you follow how you feel, you'll see its your moral compass, it's about your energy, a feeling of light not heavy, aligning for feeling connected, looking after you, happy, your best you, means you need to be doing the actions, thinking the thoughts that will feel right for you, leading you forward, opening your life and energy, to all things being possible.

This is why I coach, and how I help clients lose weight, not by dieting and depriving, but connecting with what they want and what to do to get it. Simplify and clear out the rubbish in the way.

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