12 Ways to Add More Self-care into Your Day

12 ways you can add Self-care into your day to helps you feel calm, in control and energised.

We can add selfcare into our day, to pay more attention to ourselves, provide focus and care that supports healthy actions with kindness and self love to nourish, replenish and care for our mind, body and health.

Here’s 10 simple ideas you can practise to help you create selfcare routines and healthy habits, because “Your Worth It and doing matters”.

  • Use affirmations to repeat, to give you positive feelings and thoughts

  • Morning routines – plan some quiet time or tasks ready for your day

  • Cuppa a Tea, sitting for 10 minutes will let you recharge your thoughts

  • Meditate perfect for clarity and working on your breathing and your mindset

  • Go for a walk using nature to refresh, bring joy and clarity

  • Stretch or yoga, even in your Pj's before bed or morning shower

  • Listen to music to soothe the soul

  • Nurture your mind, read or learn something new (not facebook)

  • Ring a friend or family, have a 10 min chat and a laugh

  • Make yourself a yummy nurturing smoothie or meal

  • Disconnect to reconnect from devices, and 45 minutes before bed

  • Go to bed 10-20 minutes earlier to get more rest

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