Why women over 40 are now drinking more than any other group in Australia

I do enjoy a nice glass of wine, but I wanted to share with you, some of the serious reporting and conversations happening on this hot topic.

A recent study and report showed, women over 40-50 are now drinking more alcohol than ever before and increasing their health risks, possibly unawares. The reports show middle-aged women, drink more alcohol than any other age group in Australia

And if your having a wine with dinner or 2, most nights, you may be increasing your risk of living healthy. And if 3 or more triples your risk of disease, a good reason to slow it down.

Queensland University of Technology researchers are wanting to understand what is really going on for women that are drinking more than usual.

1.Stress is one reason women are unwinding and numbing the day with a wine at dinner.

2. I'ts become part of life, having a wine with dinner or watching TV, a habit.

Maybe it's time to reconnect with more ways to de-stress after a day at work.

And as a reminder, here's 6 ways it effects our bodies more as we age

1. Your liver can’t heal itself the same way after age 40, due to build up fat and our liver isn't as efficient at processing

2. Can effect or create heart problems long term

3. Effects moods and brain function

4. Hangovers are worse as we age

5. Alcohol is a sedative, tires you out but effects your REM sleep so you don't sleep as well

6. Causes weight gain, slows your metabolsim adding sugar and calories, especially harder to process if menopause.

So if your struggling with habits and health right now, and thinking I'd like to improve or make changes, I offer a free 1:1 Health Strategy call to help you identify struggles and reconnect with your health and mindset.

Leanne Vandeligt - Weightloss Specialist and Personal Trainer

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