The no diet plan - 6 ways to lose weight without dieting

What if dieting wasn’t a thing, what if there was no right or wrong way to eat?

It’s time to stop the dieting mindset, 70 % is ok.No more, “all or nothing” approach, falling off the wagon (P.S it’s going around in circles anyway). By choosing sustainable and kinder approach to nurturing our health and eating simple and fresh. We know diets don’t work, so choose good vibes only, positive actions.

1. Mindset is everything

Being more aware of how we think, old myths, old ways we think about food and ourselves is a good beginning. Are we judging food as good or bad?Or worse judging ourselves, telling ourselves what we can and can’t eat, focusing on our weight, our shape, deepening the negativity and feeling unhappy within ourselves.

Negative behaviours ;

  • Count calories

  • Deprive

  • Remove food groups

  • Negative behaviours and thoughts around food

  • Don’t pay out on yourself

  • Reduce sugars

Good Vibe Behaviours;

  • eat fresh and you can’t go wrong,

  • Be kind to yourself (forgive and move on)

  • keep it simple

  • Balance good fats, protiens and carbs

  • Macro means - whole fresh foods as nature intended them to be

  • Plan healthy snacks to avoid cravings

I’ve known women to drive themselves crazy with counting calories, stressing over the amount of carbs, the type of carbs, weighing portions protein, and avoiding the foods, depriving and generally going mad and of course not supporting good physical or mental health. All way to hard and not sustainable.

2. Focus on our habits not our weight

We can create easy changes, starting with daily healthy habits.Allow weightloss to happen by eating what makes you feel good, no restricting, depriving, dieting or counting calories.We also need to be aware of triggers such as sugar cravings, boredom, tiredness.

3. Eating is also selfcare

Selfcare is how we get our power back, feeling happy about ourselves first, is the best way to be healthy. When we feel good we are more motivated to improve our eating, we have energy to exercise and generally feel and treat ourselves better.

  1. Reducing stress and overwhelm

Nothing good can grow from stress and overwhelm, you will not feel ready to create changes, or able to fit anything more in your day. Less is more, we need to slow down, simplify our day and our habits to create more calm and clarity around health and priorities.

Tip# focus on what matters to us, “me time”, feeling calm, being present, adjusting our thoughts, increasing awareness of things that are creating overwhelm simplifying our day to be organised. No motivation or healthy feelings come from stress and being busy, or feeling busy (fake overwhelm).

  1. Sleep

We need to value more rest and sleep, as lack of sleep can play havoc with important hormones, effecting our weight and energy. Insulin, adrenalin and Cortisol are 3 hormones that work with our stomach, instrumental in fat storage and metabolism, and we can improve these with a healthier more restful lifestyle.

  1. Easy Resistance Workouts

Weights and strength exercises enhances weightloss and is the missing link for most women wanting to lose weight.

More muscle %, means lower fat %, also means more efficient at burning calories and speeding up metabolism (rate your body burns calories even at rest), toning and maintaining a healthy weight and a strong body.

Think of your body with more muscles, so needs more fuel to move. Muscle burns more calories (at rest too), build and maintain muscle tone and strength no matter your age or fitness. Body weight, weights, walking, yoga, any kind of resistance strength training, fitness classes, swimming, pilates, gym or some kind of home workout.

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